Heading introducing the Trumbull County Law Library Association.

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Trumbull County Law Library
120 High Street N.W.
Warren, Ohio 44481

Phone: 330-675-2525
Fax: 330-675-2527

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Sat - Sun: Closed





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Ohio Reference:

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Ohio 5th District Court of Appeals

Ohio Administrative Code

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Ohio Child Support 1

Ohio Child Support 2

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Ohio County Law Libraries

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Ohio Dept of Education

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Supreme Court of Ohio

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Welcome to Ohio


Criminal Records

Federal Prisoner Search

Ohio Department of Rehab and Corrections

Prisoners’ Rights


Accounting - Forensic, IRS, Fraud

Census Data

CFR Website

Consumer Information

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FindLaw: Legal Subjects Index

Law Guru

Law Info

Law Net

Lawyer Search

Legal Links - Jury Trial

Links to Law

LLRX -- Court Rules

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United States Newspapers



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Washburn Univ. School of Law



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Laws by State

Virtual Chase: State & Local Law

Tax Links:

Federal Tax Forms

Ohio Department of Taxation

Tax Law Links

Trumbull County Reference:

Trumbull County Auditor

Trumbull County Bar Association

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts

Trumbull County Court Docket Search

Trumbull County Information

Trumbull County Probate Court

Trumbull County Recorder's Office